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AI Business Grant Bundle: Apply To Your First Grant

AI Business Grant Bundle: Apply To Your First Grant

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This comprehensive AI Grant Bundle is your one-stop shop for transforming your grant application process from frustrating to funded. 

Who is this for?

The AI Business Grant Bundle is ideal for new business owners and entrepreneurs eager to leverage AI technology to enhance their business operations and secure grant funding. If you have a strong passion and a compelling business idea, this bundle will provide you with the tools, knowledge, and mindset needed to transform your grant application process into a success story. In addition, this AI Business Grant Bundle is great for the money conscious business owner who struggles with writing and needs additional support in helping them share their story with the world. 

What's included?

AI Grant Bundle

  • Introduction to Small Business Grants ($25 Value)
  • Introduction to AI Chatbots ($25 Value)
  • Unlock Free Money with AI Chatbots ($25 Value)
  • How To Write A Business Plan with AI ($25 Value)
  • Small Business Grant Checklist ($7 Value)
  • Developing A Wining Mindset ($7 Value)
  • 3 Custom GPTs ($100+ Value)
    • Eliza - AI Grant Finder
    • Ezra - AI Grant Extractor
    • Eve - AI Grant Writer


  • Business Grant Vault ($25 Value)
  • 200+ ChatGPT Prompts ($25 Value)
  • Ultimate Business Planner ($25 Value)  

File Type?

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